17 Going On 18

2018/01/01 (新年 New Year’s Day)
17 Going On 18@The Peak to HK Island East 山頂 至 港島東

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Hope the first sunrise of 18 like the moment when you were 18. Stay passionate. Stay young.


日期: 2018年1月1日 (星期一)
時間: 00:00-06:30
地點: 山頂 至 港島東
地圖: 定向地圖 | 2017年全新繪畫
長度:18-40公里 (實際距離 ; 取決於隊伍的路線選擇)
收費: 每一位參加者HKD150 (即 HKD 300-600 一隊)
MetOC 工作人員福利:凡所有在此活動前曾於本會舉辦的任何活動中幫忙的工作人員,可於完成賽事後退回參賽費用。

Date: 1 Jan 2018 (Monday)19420835_2018479765049630_6223440024787192762_n
Time: 00:00-06:00
Venue: The Peak to HK Island East
Map: Orienteering Map | Newly drawn in 2017
Format: Urban Score orienteering with 2-4 competitors a team
Length: 18-40km (actual distance ; depending on the route choice)
Time limit: 6.5 hours
Entry Fee: HKD 150 per competitor (i.e. HKD300-600 per team)
MetOC Event Official welfare: We will refund the entry fee to the competitor who has been an event official in any of our events before after finishing the competition.
Event details and Application

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